Liquid officially turned 15 on Feb. 3 2014.  Honestly, I haven’t stopped to think about what that really means yet and maybe I’ll save that for my next video.  15 years… wow.

We have managed to stay alive through some really tough times by being flexible and adaptive to the opportunities we could create and the ones that were presented to us.  That DNA is in our name.

Thank you to all of you who continue to come to this page, who continue to watch my videos on you tube, who continue to play our games, and most of all, who continue to believe in us and what we are doing.

You are the heartblood of this place.  Even now, the Liquid skunkworks is quietly working on the future of core gaming.  while the rest of Liquid is hard at work on projects that have been hand picked for their powerful potential and their positive and forward-thinking structure.

A river may meander, but it finds the ocean eventually.  We thank you for jumping in your canoe and riding along with us.

Hmm… If this year goes the way I’d like, I think next year I’ll throw a sweet 16′s for the company and do something really special for the folks who work here.

~stay liquid~