Created on an Apple II by Jordan Mechner in his Yale dorm room, Karateka became a #1 bestseller and influenced a generation of gamers with its groundbreaking rotoscoped animation and cinematic cutscenes.

28 years later, Mechner returns to his indie roots with a new take on Karateka for today’s digital game platforms, featuring art by Jeff Matsuda (The Batman) and music by Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin (Civilization IV).

Whether you are a nostalgic Karateka fan or new to the game, Karateka will charm you with its classic love story set in feudal Japan. Fight to save the lovely Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma and reunite her with her True Love!

Karateka is the only game we've ever worked on that doesn't have a single line of dialog.  Like a great art film, all the story is conveyed through action, facial expressions, physical gestures, sounds, and music.  It's a wonder to behold!

Underneath the entire game is a sophisticated action-music system that syncs instrumental sounds to the attacks of the enemy.  The result is that, if you are very good, you can play a whole fight with your eyes closed!  Some have even been able to complete the game without looking at the screen.  Are you up for the challenge.

Come.  Step into a beautiful world of romance, action, danger, and true love.