Once upon a time there was a proud empire with many great clans.  The Serpent Clan ruled this empire while the other clans like the Lotus and Crane maneuvered for greater control of the empire.  It is said, that in those times a great darkness grew from the shadows and formed sinister creatures of pure night.  They like droplets of rain they dotted the land and overwhelmed the one clan after another.  Tarrant, the leader of the Serpent clan,  was the first to accept the fate of the empire.  He fled to the south with the remnants of the Serpent Clan and it's prized possession, the Dragon Orb.  

Further and further they travelled until he could see the Southern Seas and the end of the land.  It was here that he turned and faced the Horde.  Summoning all the power of the Dragon Orb, he separated the southern tip of the continent from the rest of the mainland with the awesome power of the orb.  Neither it nor he would ever be seen again.  The Horde could not cross running water, so Tarrant had saved his people at the cost of his own life and the Orb.

To this protected place came two other Clans, the Lotus and the Wolf.  The Lotus Clan, twisted and corrupt managed to cross to safety by means unknown.  The Wolf Clan, whose matriarchal Druidesses foresaw the drowning of their lands by tidal wave (a result of Tarrant breaking the world) built massive arks for their people which rode the surge and shipwrecked on the new formed island.

How they came to know one another and fight for their piece of the island is the story of Battle Realms! 


Battle Realms was born of founder, Eddy Del Castillo's love for martial arts movies, fighting games, swashbuckling epics, and roleplaying.  He mixed that with all he had learned as the producer and the creative head of the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert to create a uniquely detailed and cinematic real time strategy experience.

More than 13 years later, Battle Realms still lives fondly in the hearts and minds of those who played it.  For many it is the best RTS they have EVER played for many more, it served has an inspiration to their own creative efforts and simlar games. 

Our flagship creation stands as a lasting testament to the impact a game can have when you take the time, effort, and attention to detail it requires to do something right. 


On Steam...

We have been wanting to do this for so long.  To bring this game back and share it once again with all of you has been one of my dreams.  Battle Realms has been Greenlit by Steam and soon you will be able to play it there!

On Good Old Games...

Good old Games has been a wonderful friend and companion over the years.  The original game is available on their site now and soon we will have support for their matchmaking service and more.