Circle of Power

...and we're all going somewhere.

We do what we do in an endless pursuit of fun.  Our definition of the word is forged in the crucible of more than three decades of making games.  Fun, is a game with depth and strategy.  A game that pays attention to detail and brings friends closer together.  A game that that gives us an excuse to make new friends and serves as the campfire for creating new and lasting memories.  That's what we mean when we say... Pure.Gaming.Love

We all started Somewhere...

Whether it was in a garage on a broken ping pong table or meeting up with new people at the local hobby store.  We learned the rules, we bought the dice, and we painted the figures in the pursuit of fun.  

We gathered in hobby store basements and gaming convention halls to play with friends, old and new.  


We fell in love with deep, rich, meaningful gaming.


That's the core of Liquid.  Deep, strategic gaming and role playing.  We may have expanded to creating video games, but we're always rolling the bones in our heads.


The gaming table.

Fun with Friends

Playing alone is like a brick of iron rations.  It's great for keeping you alive but it doesn't swell the spirit.  

We feed the gaming heart with games you can play with others.  Go ahead.  Sneak a note to the GM, get crumbs on the gaming table... create memories.

The cool figures.

Deep Gaming

It's about the details.  Take a look at our flagship game, Battle Realms if you don't believe me.  We focus everything we have on making the game as rich and deep and detailed as time, money, Bawls, and espresso with allow.

The awesome conventions.

Play Anywhere

We humans have been social and mobile since we left the cave.  We don't believe that our fun should tether us to a location.  Everything Liquid makes is portable.  On a Laptop PC, tablet, or phone.  Your fun should follow you not the other way around.