You're not getting your money's worth.


Games are more diverse than ever.  On one end you've got the fat cats making their hundred million dollar, ultra-violent screengasms, and on the other you have John Q. Public, barista by day, programming a game that he hopes will be the next Angry Birds by night.


Mid-sized game developers are dying left and right as they try to play up to the pharaohs or compete with the free-to-play swarm.  The old business model no longer makes sense.  


At Liquid we have always believed that a company must continually reshape itself to provide the best quality games within the constraints of its business environment.  As times change, we change with them, it's in our DNA.


We believe that the time is right for a more flexible development strategy.  To implement a process that has already been proven out in other entertainment industries.  Liquid has made the shift to On-Demand Development.


The old way.

The new way