15 years ago we took a deep dive into making games and barring stops for refueling and supplies, we haven't surfaced yet.

We have built many types of games, for many types of people, on many types of platforms.  We aren't egotistical about our work and we work hard within the given parameters.  

If you're not doing your craft in your spare time, for fun.  Better not apply here.  It won't work out.  To be part of the core team, gaming has to be more than a career.  It has to be a calling.

We are craftsmen.  We don't distinguish between our "work" and our "life".  To do this is to admit that you'd rather be doing something else.  The tightest of us don't see what we do as "work" we see at it as a way of life.

We are craftsmen.  We understand that making games isn't a selfish expression of ego but rather a calling to serve the world through entertainment.  To allow people to forget their troubles and make this Earth a little happier everyday. 

We are craftsmen.  We love gaming.  All gaming, not just first person shooters.

We have chosen the craftsman's path.  We \use our skills to bring enjoyment to our fans and we dedicate our lives to being better at our craft every day.

Deep commitment brings deep fulfillment.

Deep commitment brings deep fulfillment.